About me

I live in the northern part of Sweden in a town called Luleå. Grew up with my Dad who worked with TV & Radio which made me became interested in technology very early. Started to learn the basics of PHP which is a server-side scripting language designed for web development 10 years ago, that led me to develop things like guest books and homepages and ended up creating my very first CMS(Content Management System) solution back at 2009.

Decided to use PHP in my work, as it is an open source, independent platform, easily understood and powerful all at the same time. Other than programming I am also passionate about music, singing and playing the guitar. Find both music and programming to be avenues of self expression, and allows me to use my creativity.

Eikness AB

Studied to Network and System Administration/Administrator

1998 – 1998
CNA Netware 4.11 Administration Certification

Studied to Systems specialist

2012 – 2013


- License 0K3266W18LQQS34J

- License 94PX7VHCXPV4276T

LPIC-1: Administrator (Link)
- License LPI000272443 - xpum9dytcl

LPIC-2: Linux Engineer (Link)
- License LPI000272443 - 2z7rn82sbn

LPIC-3: Linux Enterprise Professional - Core (Link)
- License LPI000272443 - d7dcdv27ts

LPI-302: Linux Enterprise Professional - Mixed Environment (Link)
- License LPI000272443 - e4lzfv8h3g

Novell Certified Linux Administrator Suse Linux Enterprise 11(Link)


Created a website with my own CMS for a music producer called Mountain Records at http://mountainrecords.se/

2014 –
Helped develop the portal for New Earth Nation at http://newearthnation.org/
Helped creating a webshop for a company called MJL Group AB at http://trackpoints.se/
Helped creating a webshop for a company called MJL Group AB at http://superzale.se/

2015 –
Created the web platform for the Swedish Ubuntu movement at http://ubuntumovement.se/
Created a website with my own CMS for a cleaning service called Dimes at http://dimes.se/
Created a website with my own CMS for a property manager called Danigo AB at http://danigo.se/

2016 -
Created another personal website at http://truthseeker.se

Contact info
Email john[at]blaid.se

More news

25 February, 2014


I have implemented bootstrap into the project and changed all code in the administration to use this new framework and I really love the result that I see after a couple of hours of coding. To make things look so good has never been so easy as with
20 February, 2014


I have added some of my guides for different things when it comes to the different areas in the computer, I will continue to add guides and especially when it comes to things that I am using every now and then in my own work.
First phase completed
17 February, 2014

First phase completed

Then I had time to finish the dirty work with the page and now it only remains little touches here and there and I need to upload information about what I'm doing and my progress on the project as well.
Time for a change
16 February, 2014

Time for a change

Today I've decided to update my own personal website with the latest version of my project called TQ CMS and with a completely new design that is responsive. My goal with this project is to make it as easy as possible for the end user while


The next step

The next step

I have now resumed my programming after a couple of months of vacation which was very much needed. I got a call one day from a friend that needed a system which can handle peoples reports on various problems like kitchen problems, water problems etc and I decided to make a system for it. Little did I know that it would totally revolutionise my own project and that it would teach me much needed jquery skills to further enhance the CMS. I also