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Generate ECDSA certificates for OpenVPN

Make a bash script that looks like this, edit the code to fit your own needs.

mkdir -p $HOME/openvpn/clientside/clientname
cd $HOME/openvpn/clientside
git clone git://github.com/OpenVPN/easy-rsa
cd easy-rsa/easyrsa3
cp vars.example vars && mcedit vars
./easyrsa init-pki
./easyrsa gen-req clientname nopass

mkdir -p $HOME/openvpn/serverside/server
cd $HOME/openvpn/serverside
git clone git://github.com/OpenVPN/easy-rsa
cd easy-rsa/easyrsa3
cp $HOME/openvpn/clientside/easy-rsa/easyrsa3/vars .
./easyrsa init-pki
./easyrsa build-ca
./easyrsa gen-req server nopass
./easyrsa sign-req server server
openssl dhparam -out dh2048.pem 2048
/usr/sbin/openvpn --genkey --secret ta.key
./easyrsa import-req $HOME/openvpn/clientside/easy-rsa/easyrsa3/pki/reqs/clientname.req clientname
./easyrsa sign-req client clientname

cp $HOME/openvpn/serverside/easy-rsa/easyrsa3/pki/ca.crt $HOME/openvpn/serverside/server
cp $HOME/openvpn/serverside/easy-rsa/easyrsa3/pki/issued/server.crt $HOME/openvpn/serverside/server
cp $HOME/openvpn/serverside/easy-rsa/easyrsa3/dh2048.pem $HOME/openvpn/serverside/server
cp $HOME/openvpn/serverside/easy-rsa/easyrsa3/pki/private/server.key $HOME/openvpn/serverside/server
cp $HOME/openvpn/serverside/easy-rsa/easyrsa3/ta.key $HOME/openvpn/serverside/server
cp $HOME/openvpn/serverside/easy-rsa/easyrsa3/pki/issued/clientname.crt $HOME/openvpn/clientside/clientname
cp $HOME/openvpn/serverside/easy-rsa/easyrsa3/ta.key $HOME/openvpn/clientside/clientname
cp $HOME/openvpn/serverside/easy-rsa/easyrsa3/pki/ca.crt $HOME/openvpn/clientside/clientname
cp $HOME/openvpn/clientside/easy-rsa/easyrsa3/pki/private/clientname.key $HOME/openvpn/clientside/clientname

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25 February, 2014


I have implemented bootstrap into the project and changed all code in the administration to use this new framework and I really love the result that I see after a couple of hours of coding. To make things look so good has never been so easy as with
20 February, 2014


I have added some of my guides for different things when it comes to the different areas in the computer, I will continue to add guides and especially when it comes to things that I am using every now and then in my own work.
First phase completed
17 February, 2014

First phase completed

Then I had time to finish the dirty work with the page and now it only remains little touches here and there and I need to upload information about what I'm doing and my progress on the project as well.
Time for a change
16 February, 2014

Time for a change

Today I've decided to update my own personal website with the latest version of my project called TQ CMS and with a completely new design that is responsive. My goal with this project is to make it as easy as possible for the end user while


The next step

The next step

I have now resumed my programming after a couple of months of vacation which was very much needed. I got a call one day from a friend that needed a system which can handle peoples reports on various problems like kitchen problems, water problems etc and I decided to make a system for it. Little did I know that it would totally revolutionise my own project and that it would teach me much needed jquery skills to further enhance the CMS. I also