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Easy Upgrade with slackpkg and Slackware 13.37 and higher

First edit the file /etc/slackpkg/mirrors and point to the new version of slackware. Don't forget to edit the file /etc/slackpkg/blacklist and remove the # in front of the lines with kernel.

Then do slackpkg update && slackpkg upgrade slackpkg to make sure you have the latest version of slackpkg to continue the upgrading.

After this you can run these commands in order:

slackpkg update
slackpkg upgrade glibc-solibs
slackpkg install-new
slackpkg upgrade-all
slackpkg clean-system
slackpkg new-config

After this you maually download the new kernel files from the dirs: /a/ /d/ /k/ to a dir of your choice.

Then just do installpkg *.txz to install all of them. Important to note is that we are installing them and not doing an upgrading of the current kernel because we want to be able to switch back to the old kernel if the new one doesn't work with the system.

After this we have to edit this file /etc/lilo.conf and enable prompt and timeout at the top.

In the bottom you will find this section:

image = /boot/vmlinuz
  root = /dev/sda1
  label = Linux

Add another section just below like the example below. Make sure the image point to the correct file depending on the version of the old kernel.

image = /boot/vmlinuz-huge-smp-3.2.29-smp
  root = /dev/sda1
  label = OldLinux

After this is done we just have to issue the command lilo and then we are ready to reboot in to our new kernel and slackware version.

I have done this myself but like with all upgrades there is always a chance to break things which means that you should be aware that it might not work for your system.

Good luck!

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